A downloadable game for Windows

A horror game made in 2 weeks for One Minute Jam 2021 By:  George Simpson, Jay Clipperton & Gianni Veloz


  • LOOK e.g. to look around type "look" and press return, to look at a specific item type "look itemname"
  • MOVE e.g. to move to a new location type "move destinationName"
  • WASD - to move, 'E' to interact

Jay Clipperton Design, Writing & Programming @jay_clipperton

George Simpson Programming & 3D art @lostmercenary

Gianni Veloz Audio @datasqu4d

Jam is over. More bits of content to come very soon.

Install instructions

Unzip the contents to your desired location and launch the 'Allegory' executable. On launch Windows may prompt about 'unknown publishers', select 'more info' then 'run anyway' to launch the game.


Allegory_OneMinuteJam2021_v3.zip 33 MB

Development log


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what an interesting concept! I need to dive into it more to see where it goes but I’m very interested! Here’s the first little bit of it tho!

Just a little bit about myself! I’m Yung MuShu! I’m a content creator on YouTube with a primary focus on everything indie and itchio! If you like what you see, please drop a like and/or sub! It really helps me out and helps build our community!


I really like these type of games, the concept and story was interesting, good work :)

I really enjoyed this. I like how the text adventure on the PC's affected the outside environment. Really unique concept and well implemented. Keep up the great work! 

Hey there. I recently did a compilation of several one minute long games. Yours is in my video. I'm not quite sure where it is at, because it's a bit of a long video, but if you scroll through I'm sure you can find it. Or if you just want to watch the whole video there is also that's. I have to say, your game is pretty intriguing. I don't think I beat it. I think maybe there is a little more to it but I miss. But I did my best, and there is definitely a layer of mystery to it that I really like. So I hope you enjoy my video, and if you get a chance maybe given the like or comment.. Anything helps. But of course, no stress, you don't need to, it just helps me if you do. So here's my video.

Gave it a Let's Play, here's my gameplay with my feedback/suggestions and probably bugs to be fixed 

I like how you made use of both normal movement and text movement to tell a story. Very creative of you. I'll be keeping an eye on your games now.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont