A downloadable game

A horror cooking game made in 48 hours for Discord Jam 2021
By: George Simpson & Jay Clipperton

WASD - to move
Left-click to interact

George Simpson
Programming & 3D art

Jay Clipperton
Design, Writing & Audio

The "Post-Jam Bug Fixes" build addresses a few issues experienced by players.

  •  Herbs cannot be picked up
  • Sequence can be broken

Thanks for your interest in the game! 

Updated 8 days ago
Published 17 days ago
Release date 17 days ago
Tagscooking, Horror, Psychological Horror
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip the contents to your desired location and launch the 'Discord2021' executable. On launch Windows may prompt about 'unknown publishers', select 'more info' then 'run anyway' to launch the game.


Post-Jam Bug Fixes v.0.1.1 30 MB
DiscordJam2021 - Submission 31 MB


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Such an interesting game, very fun and different from other games and I loved it (Gameplay at 3:36)

call me Chef Boyardee i am a master cook 

Are you satisfied now mother??...

Awesome short horror game deserves more recognition for sure!

Good game, very short, but it definitely made me feel uneasy so good job with that!

This game is short, sweet, and gets right to the point - a nice little horror experience. Great work! 

Great game! I like how short it is and the directions are so simple! AWESOME GAME!

I loved this. Initially I wished it would be longer, but honestly, I think it hits just perfectly as is. There's some super, super unsettling about the little noises, the strange ambience, and the way you just hack and hack at the chopping board. Really good work!  Made a short video on it too, as if we needed any more lol I'd LOVE to see more in this style though!

Could you message me on discord to claim your prizes! Congrats (Ieyfo#6319) Only 1 person needs to come forward to claim for the team, thanks!

Dope atmosphere! I think you could totally flesh this out into something bigger, Maybe a prelude episode that talks about what happened within the family. But overall, dope!!

I really enjoyed this game! I just wish it was longer and had a bigger story line. I also enjoyed the art style but it could of been cleaned up a bit. Overall it was a good game!

Great atmosphere for such a short game!

This is a neat little game, cool that you made it in only 48 hours!

Mama... that kills people Mama!
Cute little horror game, I enjoyed it

Such a nice little game! Your game starts at 10:55

Still impressed how this game was made in 48 hours! I found it creative on what would happen when you started chopping up the food, lol!

Thanks for creating this amazing game, And thanks for one of the biggest plot twists ever lol.

Check Out My Video: 


I wish this game wasnt a download game, i watched some yt videos on this.


I didn't include any critique in my video; it is the original gameplay and commentary, edited to enhance the comedic elements of the session.  Game critique is included below.

I love how strangely this game flows with the theme of the (Discord) Jam: the theme (e.g. mutation) is carried out by the Mother character slowly degrading over time to reveal a less sad and more ghoulish face. It's so subtle and horrifying. 

During editing, I was able to come up with a possible explanation or theory as to the events of the game: the Father, whose dialogue paints him as a careless, abusive and impatient man, killed the Mother whose ghost now haunts the home. Only the child (protagonist; who may or may not know their Mother is dead) can see the ghost and as an act of ultimate revenge, the Mother's instructions lead the the child to poisoning and killing the Father. This is the only way I can explain the Mother's odd movements (especially her head) and the fact that she seems to not want to touch anything. It's ridiculous to have a child use a butcher knife to cut anything, especially hard vegetables and raw meat. 

Even if this theory is not the case, this short game was very surprising and fun to play. The sounds of the game were very, very well done.

good game

I love cooking, and I love horror

No Commentary

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 1st there, likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


The game has an eerie feeling to it which is an incredible thing for a horror experience. There's always a feeling of something being off and I think it's really cool that you achieved that. There are different lines the mother says the more you wait, the way her head turns like 360 degrees, and more... cool!


Well, what the heck with flying meatballs and red lines? I mean, it's kinda weird and I couldn't understand whether the main character is having a trip or it's just bizarre. I think these things ruined the ambiance a bit (at least for me). I believe it would be way better to make more subtle changes in the environment as you did with the mother's face. For example, slowly change the color of the walls, make the room slightly darker each time. make some red stains appear on the floor... Stuff like that.  In my personal opinion, it would be way cooler! 


I think this game definitely deserves 4 / 5 star rating. It could be a bit scarier and the ambiance could be stronger but it's still very cool as is and I genuinely enjoyed playing the game! Well done!))

Hope my feedback was useful!

For a game that was made in only 48 hours it gave off such an uncomfortable and terrifying vibe! Being in an enclosed space with a killer demon as mother really created that uncomfortable vibe and that feeling just did not let me go until the end of the game. It kind of reminded me of Cooking Mama if Mama was a demon and terrifying and a killer and able to twist her neck 360 degrees. Great job on this! ;)

Amazing game!


What is wrong with mama :(

Loved this so much! That breathing tho.

Wow this game just dialed up the creep factor and I loved it! Here's my gameplay, feel free to check it out! 

Wow.. Great game but creppy 😁👍

Pour les Francophones !

This was so fun! I mean, it’s so short and there are so many things that add to the overall spookiness, in the dialog, the movements of the mother,I can’t believe it, a 5 minute game had me on the edge of my seat, I loved it, fantastic job, I had a visceral reaction to the cutting of the veggies because it felt so wrong (but was in the context of a horror game, so so right). Awesome. 

Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it.

Hi, guys! How do I add to "my library" to play soon without downloading now? Thank you very much!

Really fun game! great atmosphere

A short but sweet horror game. Loved the subtle story telling and the style of the game. Great stuff!


I loved it! It's such a genuinely creepy and uncanny valley type experience that doesn't rely on jumpscares to carry it. It was the first game I played in my latest 3 Scary Games vid!

A great little game :) 

Really had fun playing your game along with 2 other great games, thank you so much for such a fun game! 

Mother and I clearly have different ideas about what constitutes seasoning...

Good game! The atmosphere was great and controls easy - but where did Mother disappear to, towards the end?

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