A downloadable game

A horror cooking game made in 48 hours for Discord Jam 2021

WASD - to move
Left-click to interact

The "Post-Jam Bug Fixes" build addresses a few issues experienced by players.

  •  Herbs cannot be picked up
  • Sequence can be broken

Thanks for your interest in the game!

Release date Jan 04, 2021
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
TagsCooking, Horror, Psychological Horror
Average sessionA few minutes


Post-Jam Bug Fixes v.0.1.1 30 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the contents to your desired location and launch the 'Discord2021' executable. On launch Windows may prompt about 'unknown publishers', select 'more info' then 'run anyway' to launch the game.


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Very Creepy! :)

Thanks for playing! Always happy to add a little extra creepiness to the world.


Creepy, dark, strange. I loved it. 10/10


Thanks for playing! I'm always happy to spread a little spooky in people's lives.


It was very well made. Keep up the amazing spooky work. 

For somereason this game was scary but amazingly funny saw laurenZside play this and Jay from the kubz scoutz so i played it too

Feel like I looked too in-depth to this game but honestly think that just goes to show how unsettling it was, very well done

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

None to speak of, it's more about building a spooky atmosphere.


Short. Disturbing. Love it.

Played this...charming game a while ago, and finally got around to editing it. Feel free to check it out.

Ummmm.....Mom I think u need to go to the mental hospital馃槓


Mommy's acting weird what's wrong with her?




I don't know how you did it, but you made a simple game creep me out to levels I didn't even know I had. Honestly great game and I hope to see more from ya






Igrica je veoma zanimljiva, ima puno detalja i ima puno tema oko 膷ega pri膷ati, grafi膷ki je uredu i zvukovni efekti su odli膷ni!


Extremely creepy and off putting. I was surprised at how many different dialogues came up the longer you waited too. I was really hoping for a "bad ending" of sorts if you chose not to listen but it's definitely not needed. I really have nothing bad to say about this game, you did a great job making an awesome short horror experience. Thanks so much for making it! 

yooo loved ur game. I love the it really the mechanics in the game were easy to use and the story was creepy to think about. I loved the plot so keep up the great work.


Short and sweet (I mean creepy)! We enjoyed your game. Thank you for the quirkily surreal experience :)

This is about Food right? :D

1st game.


A fun short game! Impressive for being made in 48 hours. I enjoyed the twist!

A very good game!!! Its just my laptop cant handle it XD

This game was very cool and it fit well with another game i was going to play so i put 'em both in one video! Great job on the game guys! 2 Short Food Horror Games! - YouTube

a short but very funny game

very creative 

I knew what was going to happen, I loved the game too bad it was so short though. I need this recipe for my enemies.  

This was so cool! Of course, I wish it were longer, but the concept is so brilliant; I thought it was completely innocent. I knew things were slowly changing, but I never guessed was the end game was supposed to be until it happened. Loved it! 

Tried out your game...

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First off, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but making that kind of soup is making me giggly. anyway, there's not much in the story but you'll get the gist of it. for a game that is made in 48h, this is fantastic. it was short but sweet and I want more. So dev/s please. I want more, We want more, please make another game.

p.s game starts at 05:20

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 i don't know why but when ever i try to help in the kitchen i keep fuking up so my mother tells me to fuk off most of the time.lol



Enjoyed playing this game! The whole concept is unique and really well made. The developers did a great job.


Nice Game with a Cool idea. i dont want to risk a Spoiler. small Graphic issues with the Pot, but i Think this Game is well made for a 48h Jam. :D 

pretty nice game if you ask me.

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I loved the insidious overtone of the game. It reminds me of several cases from the show Forensic Files. I think that's what makes this game a bit creepy - the theme is grounded in reality. This was the inspiration I used when making the thumbnail for my video - a wife who puts effort into appearing harmless and innocent but having insidious intentions. In the case of the game, however, the wife was pushed too far by the husband.

I loved how the kitchen environment was changing as you began to realize what exactly was going on. This game is a great example of presentation in story or context rather than graphics alone. The devs did an excellent job!

I really love this game even though it is short I love the idea of a cooking horror game!!! Good Job!

Hello! I really  liked this it was really unsettling and creepy! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! (its the first video) 

My Dad said that this game can be based on a song... I don't if that is true but I wish it was a little longer. I loved this game!!! Ty

Nice game

haha markiplier go brr

(this is actually a good game though)

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